sopladoras en acciónLeaf blowers cause damage to health and the environment.

Cleaners and gardeners have replaced their classic, quiet and simple sweeping tool with a polluting machine, which if used continuously will expose them to the development of ergonomic-related injuries, such as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and related disabilities.

The environmental pollution they produce generates acoustic contamination (noise level 109 dBs) and pollutant gas emissions (petrol/oil engine).

— These particles can include, among other microorganisms, those found on the faeces and urine of rats and mice, sputum, vomiting, etc. The immediate consequence is that exposed people can see their asthma aggravated and can also contract diseases. Being one of the most dangerous ones, the one produced by the Hantavirus

If you are affected by leaf blowing machines, file your complaint with the town hall or the citizen service office. Complaint form template   

List of complaints and comments about leaf blowers.

Final Master's Project by Raquel Revuelta Morales at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (Spain) on the use of leaf blowers and its consequences.

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Passing through the alleyway that connects the dusty car park (parallel to the Calpe/Moraira CV 746 highway) and the beach L'Ampolla, I stumbled upon an operator who was sweeping it with his leaf blowing machine, blowing the whole dust cloud on my face.

The responsible person in charge of street cleaning in the town hall should evaluate if the time saving obtained by using those machines originates more damage than benefit as in addition to not being compliant with the legislation mentioned above, they produces harmful effects on people's musculoeskeletal, nervious and respiratoty systems.
Al pasar por el callejón que conecta el polvoriento aparcamiento de coches (paralelo a la carretera Calpe/Moraira CV 746) y la playa L'Ampolla, me tropiezo con un operario que con su máquina sopladora de hojas está barriéndolo, dándome de lleno en la cara toda la nube de polvo.

El encargado de la limpieza urbanística del Ayuntamiento debería sopesar si el ahorro de tiempo que se asegura con el uso de estas máquinas, origina más daño que beneficio, pues además de no cumplir con la legislación mencionada anteriormente, produce daños en el sistema musculoesquelético, nervioso y aparato respiratorio de las personas.